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Unlike PhoneGap/Cordova you can build iOS apps on any PC.
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Do you know lut-foo?


Start by installing lut-foo:

$ sudo npm install lut-foo -g

Windows (as administrator):
C:\> npm install lut-foo -g


lut-foo includes full source of an example app built with lut-foo in the demo/ folder. You can build this demo app without registering!

Take a look at the source file demo/wwww/index.html (location varies by user settings, but most likely found in /usr/lib/node_modules/lut-foo/). In particular, look at line 20:

	LUT.barcode.scan('EAN13', function(err, code) { ... });

Here you can see a barcode scanning call is simply pure asynchronous javascript. All hardware is accessed by the LUT object, which is available on every page of your app. We refer to the LUT object as the Device API.


Running lut-foo init would normally step you through creating a valid config.json file. We've already made one for you in the demo app.

Take a look at demo/config.json. Particularly notice line 16:


This tells the lut-foo cloud compiler where your app content is hosted.


Compiling with lut-foo is easy.

In the demo folder, run:


This command packages the config.json, icon1024.png, and keystores and sends them to the cloud compiler.

A few moments later, you'll have your own installable Android APK file.

Compiling for iOS is near identical, but requires a mobile provisioning profile (app.mobileprovision) for your test device.

Your turn!

apps have been compiled times with lut-foo.

Create a free account and start making your own apps now that you know lut-foo.

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