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iPhone 5s
CC A-SA by Zach Vega

Using our platform, and standard web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, etc.) we're able to produce mobile apps on iOS and Android at very near the cost and speed of developing mobile web sites.

By using a standardized, battle-hardened web stack at the core of our mobile apps, integration to existing data sources, such as a CRM or inventory database, is no more difficult than doing so with a web site. The same applies to modelling business processes, except now we have more capability: keeping clients, salespeople, or managers up to date with push notifications, taking or processing orders anywhere - and being able to include photos with those orders taken on the scene are all now possibilities.

Even security, long a weak point in the "Bring Your Own Device" workplace, becomes simplified as you manage more of your mobile end-points with proven web security models (HTTPS/TLS, encrypted data stores, etc.).

With flexible payment structures, you minimize your capital expenses and are able to start benefitting from a presence in the mobile app space immediately. We're even able to make special arrangements for startups and non-profit organizations.

With more people spending more of their online time on their mobile devices the risk of not being present on mobile is non-trivial for modern companies.

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